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Customs brokers and freight forwarders in Spain

Aduanas Llobet offers to its clients all the means and the best teams of professionals with a view to guarantee a quality service from start to finish. A fast, flexible, responsible, customised, and integrated service which covers all those aspects related to exportation and importation.

With a representation in all the most important ports in the world. Aduanas Llobet bargains on its consolidation as a forwarding company in the ports of Barcelona and Valencia, providing its regular importation and exportation services, but at the same time giving the opportunity to use those ports as HUB and transoceanic ports in order to carry out transhipments and channel potential cargoes bound for the most influential African and South American countries.

The company also offers an integrated intermodal transportation service, providing transportation by means of trucks and railroad, with a view to optimise the delivery dates and thus guarantee the reception of goods. The privileged geographical and strategic location of the Barcelona and Valencia ports, two of the main customs offices in Spain, provides a highly competitive area of influence, since these ports constitute the entry and exit ports of many regions of the Spanish territory, such as Castellon (tile industry area), Madrid and its vicinity, Southern Valencia Community (Alicante and Murcia), and the influence zone which includes Zaragoza, all of which have heavy traffic, either importation- or exportation-wise.

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Barcelona Headquarters 

Avda. Drassanes, 6 – 8 Planta 1ª

08001 Barcelona

Tel + 34 933 426 017-18 I Fax +34 933 186 490

Antonio Llobet de Pablo

Founding partner and General Manager of Aduanas Llobet and Eurobooking Cargo.
Licensed customs broker affiliated  with the Customs Brokers’ Association of Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid under number 27375.

Chairman of  The Barcelona Customs Agents Association since December 2010.


Mª Ángeles Acedo
Operations Manager
Carlos Romero
Logistics and Air Freight Department Manager
Javier López
Marine Transportation Manager
Álex Serrano
Customer Support Department Manager
Manuel Marín Moreno
Land Transportation Manager



Joaquim Gibert
Business Consultant
Irina Takaeva
Financial Department Manager
Lidia Riquelme



Valencia Branch

Avda. del Puerto, 282 46024 Valencia

Tel +34 963 308 485 I Fax +34 963 309 968


Schemenfleming Ruiz
Juan Galán
Operations Manager
Francisco Muñoz
Business Consultant



Madrid Office

Fuentemar 16, local 19D

Polígono Industrial de Coslada
28823 Madrid (Spain)

Tel +34 917 607 535 I Fax +34 914 138 61


Javier Mendiola