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Customs brokers and freight forwarders. International sea freight


Our international sea transportation department has a highly qualified staff who ensure freight consolidation services in the main ports of the World. Supported by an extensive network of correspondents who take full responsibility of picking up the goods in the country of origin, in case of importation, and of door-to-door delivery at destination, in the case of exportation, within the specified deadlines, thus ensuring urgency, security, and saving.

In accordance with the special agreements contracted with many Shipowning Companies,  Aduanas Llobet has priority reservation of space in ships. This is the reason why the cargos carried out through our company have precedence over any other cargoes. The cargos are entrusted to first class Shipowning companies which have regular lines, with direct service to Barcelona/Valencia.


Javier López

Javier López

Marine Transportation Manager